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Wednesday 10 March 2010

What's up doc !?

Pfiouw, almost one year and a half after the last blog entry (!), one may wonder if the project is still alive ...

Let me tell you this: it is !

I've been pretty busy lately with other projects regarding photography or mobile stuff. But yes, the Wapcam project is still alive, and yes there are many things coming up. The when is the only remaining question.

Just to precise it a little bit, here are some of the ongoing works:

  • release of a new(!) version of WapcamServer, including MJPEG/HTTP streaming, timestamp and label over the captures, microphone streaming etc...
  • release of a widget for Samsung phones (Did I mention my Omnia II yet ?)

but also disregarding Wapcam,

  • release of a flickr app for J2ME
  • release of a 3D bubble level soft for Samsung WiMo phones
  • release of a advanced photography app for WiMo phones

I might as well get all my software-editing activity into something more "professionnal"...

So stay tuned, more is coming ;)

Wednesday 24 September 2008

wapcamer.com is back up and the forum has permamently moved !

[Français plus loin]
Following the problem of hosting at free.fr, I finally (after recovering my wapcamer.com site) was able to move the forum from this account to the new account in wapcam.mobi. This is still hosted at free.fr but I have reasons to believe this one would be less endangered. The point is that, if I get deactivated a third time, all the work is lost and I would rather avoir loosing some precious information and work.
So, instead of waiting for a catastroph to happen, I made the move.

This should be absolutly transparent to all of the users. Your forum account is as it was two days ago, only the adress has changed:
is the new definitive adress. As you can see, it definitly makes sense as all the sites are becoming "wapcam.mobi" sites, rather than the old "wapcamer.com".
However the old sites will be kept up for referencement and information.

You are now free to register, ask your questions etc... as usual on the forum.


Suite aux problèmes d'hébergement posés par free.fr, j'ai finalement (après avoir pu récupérer mon site) procédé au déménagement du forum vers le nouveau site wapcam.mobi. Celui est encore une fois hébergé par free, mais j'ai des raisons de penser que celui-ci ne risque pas de se faire désactiver (à moins bien sur que free modifie une nouvelle fois ses CGU - sans en avertir ses utilisateurs - et qu'ils interdisent tous les CMS sur leurs pages perso, parce que finalement, un CMS, ça doit leur pomper aussi pas mal de ressources). Le problème est, qu'ayant déjà été désactivé par deux fois, la prochaine fois sera définitive avec peu de chances de récupérer mon contenu.
J'ai donc préféré prendre les devants et faire le déménagement tnat que cela est possible facilement.

Ce changement devrait être absolument transparent pour tous les utilisateurs. Vos comptes sur le forum sont tels qu'ils étaient il y a deux jours, seule l'adresse a changé:
est la nouvelle adresse définitive. Comme vous pouvez le constater, il n'est pas incongru de rassembler tous les sites du projet sous le domaine "wapcam.mobi", plutôt que de garder "wapcamer.com".
Toutefois, les anciennes adresses resteront valides à des fins de référencement et d'information. Vous pourrez consulter les messages dans le forum, mais pas en poster de nouveaux (rendez-vous donc sur le nouveau, qui est, je le répète, strictement identique).

Vous pouvez vous enregistrer et poster vos messages sur le forum comme d'habitude.

A bientôt là-bas.

Tuesday 23 September 2008

wapcamer.com is down !

For the second time, free.fr has disabled my hosting:
the reason is that I host a webproxy, used only by myself in order to bypass some restrictions in web browsing in some companies. I used to use about twice a year lately, but since the script was discovered, the punition is immediate, no need to look further.

I asked free.fr on their newsgroup to reactivate the account, I hope they will do it quickly. Unfortunatly, having the site been disabled twice is very dangerous because next time, they will disable it forever :(

This concerns the followings urls/site:

  • wapcamer.com or wapcam.free.fr
  • forum.wapcamer.com
  • wap.wapcamer.com
  • bugs.wapcamer.com

Especially the forum has now lots of interesting informations. I did not want to migrate it to the newer site, but I may be in the need to do it though.

I recall you all that the new website is hosted at:

Tuesday 9 September 2008

WapcamLet and Blackberry

Exif_JPEG_PICTURE Jacques, a WapcamLet user, has come to me asking if WapcamLet would work on RIM Blackberry's devices.
Though I first thought it wouldn't work, since Blackberrys accept .cod Java packages rather .jar, I tried it and it finally proved to work.

Don't try to download WapcamLet.jar with the RIM's desktop manager, it won't work. To install WapcamLet on a Blackberry device, simply browse to http://wapcam.mobi with your web browser, go the download page, and click on WapcamLet.jar. Say 'yes' everytime you're asked and that's it.
However, you will have to take care because the rendering is slightly different from the expected standard J2ME behaviour. I noticed that the egg-timer keeps on displaying as if there was intense calculation. There is actually not so we can liv with it. On the Blackberry Pearl I tested, the softkeys don't appear, so you will have to push the options button in order to start the retrieving of images (as in the screenshot).

Enjoy WapcamLet on your Blackberry !

Monday 18 August 2008

WapcamLet 1.3 is released !

[Francais: lire plus loin]

Dear all,
i'm happy to announce the release of a new version of WapcamLet, which is a new milestone for this project.
This version is dedicated to the monitoring of up to 4 camera at the same time.

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Thursday 13 December 2007

Wapcam Widget available

Good news! Wapcam Widget is finally released.

Cool !! ... but what is Wapcam Widget ?

Wapcam widget is a widget that you can embed in your personnal hompages or in your computer's desktop and that brings directly to you snapshots from your webcam server/WapcamServer. widgetshow1.jpg

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