Registration: To use that service, one must first register on the PCMobilizer website and then proceed to sofware installation: - installation of an agent on the PC (windows only) - installation of a mobile client (Windows Mobile or Blackberry)

Test: I have been able to register and install the application both on my PC and my Samsung I600 (WM6). First impression: there will be trouble using the network connections :(
Thus I disabled the GPRS/EDGE connection (seems like it won't work anyway since the service is using ssl, which shall not pass through my firewalled carrier) and enable Wifi connection.

Then the client would be able to connect to the PC and provide me with some area of my PC's actual screen.
It seems like it is working but I found out very soon that the virtual mouse isn't working. Maybe it is a virtual key related problem, but that sort of things are pretty common under windows and WM. Text sending seems to be ok as well as function keys.

Finally after some time (not too long though), the mobile application crashed.

My impressions is that the Windows Mobile client is to be finalized; maybe the blackberry version is more stable, I haven't the opportunity to test it. This is however a very interesting service, which deserves to keep a look on it, as soon as it gets more stable.

I might try to make screenshots if I ever find time to.