Exif_JPEG_PICTURE Jacques, a WapcamLet user, has come to me asking if WapcamLet would work on RIM Blackberry's devices.
Though I first thought it wouldn't work, since Blackberrys accept .cod Java packages rather .jar, I tried it and it finally proved to work.

Don't try to download WapcamLet.jar with the RIM's desktop manager, it won't work. To install WapcamLet on a Blackberry device, simply browse to http://wapcam.mobi with your web browser, go the download page, and click on WapcamLet.jar. Say 'yes' everytime you're asked and that's it.
However, you will have to take care because the rendering is slightly different from the expected standard J2ME behaviour. I noticed that the egg-timer keeps on displaying as if there was intense calculation. There is actually not so we can liv with it. On the Blackberry Pearl I tested, the softkeys don't appear, so you will have to push the options button in order to start the retrieving of images (as in the screenshot).

Enjoy WapcamLet on your Blackberry !