Pfiouw, almost one year and a half after the last blog entry (!), one may wonder if the project is still alive ...

Let me tell you this: it is !

I've been pretty busy lately with other projects regarding photography or mobile stuff. But yes, the Wapcam project is still alive, and yes there are many things coming up. The when is the only remaining question.

Just to precise it a little bit, here are some of the ongoing works:

  • release of a new(!) version of WapcamServer, including MJPEG/HTTP streaming, timestamp and label over the captures, microphone streaming etc...
  • release of a widget for Samsung phones (Did I mention my Omnia II yet ?)

but also disregarding Wapcam,

  • release of a flickr app for J2ME
  • release of a 3D bubble level soft for Samsung WiMo phones
  • release of a advanced photography app for WiMo phones

I might as well get all my software-editing activity into something more "professionnal"...

So stay tuned, more is coming ;)