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Saturday 5 April 2008

Windows Mobile 6.1 - Overview

A lot of informations are now leaking regarding WIndows Mobile 6.1

First, stay tuned and up-to-date with the official Windows Mobile Facebook page.

As we see on these screenshots, the new interface looks highly inspired from the Samsung Blackjack's (i600) Tourniquet - That's the Today plugin of the device, which you'll see in action here.

Here is an official vidéo released by Microsoft

Windows Mobile 6.1

Friday 4 April 2008

111 Free softwares for your windows mobile

Here is a list of a hundred of free applications to download to your Windows Mobile powered device.
We find the essential, such as TCPMP, Opera Mini, Skype and many others

To bookmark !

PS: this list lacks WapcamLet though ....

Friday 22 February 2008

Windows Mobile Homescreen customization

it's not really new stuff, but since I had a problem with the color scheme of my Blackjack, I made a search and came across this short tutorial about homescreen customization.

It explains how to build an homemade homescreen, and gives CLSID of interesting plugins.
Very convenient when you want to do-it-yourself.

By the way, I could fix my stuff !!

Thursday 7 February 2008

Opera Mobile 9.5 announced on preview at Mobile World Congress 2008

operalogo.gif Opera has announced the new version of their native browser for Windows Mobile.

and we even have a vidéo:

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Tuesday 5 February 2008

How to control your PC from your mobile with PCMobilizr

pcmobilizr_feature_image.jpg PCMobilizr is a suite of applications aiming to give you full control to your PC remotely from any Windows Mobile or Blackberry terminal.

It renders your PC screen on your mobile screen with zooming features and gives you the possibility to control a virtual mouse, with left-click and right-click.

You can also send in regular text or press function keys (F1, F2,...)

A great advantage of that service, as said on their website, is the ability to access the service even if your computer is behind a corporate proxy/firewall or behind a home router. PCMobilizrArchitecture.jpg

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Friday 1 February 2008

skyfire, navigateur web pour windows mobile

The PC web. Real fast. On your phone

That's what promises us Skyfire Labs, editor of the Skyfire browser. It is supposed to support full audio, video, images, flash, ajax, and java and makes Dailymotion or YouTube available. This looks very appealing, however the browser is still in private beta. If you live in the US, you can sign-up here, otherwise, we'll have to wait for a final release.

Looking forward to test it.

Here is a demo presentation.

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