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Tuesday 27 July 2010

Timeroid1.0 for Android is released

Timeroid is an intervallometer application for Android smartphones.

It has a self timer that alerts you after a repeated delay, e.g. five times every ten seconds. timeroid5b.png

Timeroid is also able to control the camera of the phone. This is especially usefull when one wants to take picture without holding the phone, or without access to the snapshot button. timeroid1.png timeroid3.png

More about Timeroid here

Friday 9 July 2010

Update for Nivobulle

This is an update for Nivobulle, which then goes in version 1.1 .

The update includes a bug fix when the phone goes in landscape mode. Previously, the display was broken. This is now fixed.


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Wednesday 30 June 2010

Caketuzz has opened its blog

This is a new blog I wanted to have to write all kind of stuff about mobility in general.

I did it sometimes on this wapcam.mobi blog, for exemple with phone reviews, but I felt I should have a blog dedicated to that task rather than occupying this blog. I also had trouble keeping on writing here as I spent much time lately on my photography blog and new developments not related to wapcam.

This is now done and, as caketuzz is a mobile-oriented company, it really feels right to have that new blog.

You can read it at http://blog.caketuzz.com